Name:        Gregory John Matheson
Address:     Language Center
             National United University
	     1, Lienda, Miaoli 36003, Taiwan, R.O.C
Telephone:   037-381290

Date of Birth:       January 29, 1949
Place of Birth:      Sydney, Australia
Citizenship:         Australian
Alien Resident Certificate: KC00125148
Registered MOE Lecturer (JiangShi):  056372
Sex:                 Male

A dedicated, experienced, effective EFL teacher


Troy State University, Seoul, Korea (Troy, Alabama, USA)
MS in Educational Leadership

University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia
PhD Program. (I don't have PhD. I did not submit thesis.)

University of New South Wales, Sydney, New South Wales
BA (Psychology)


Berlitz, Osaka, Japan
English Conversation Teacher (1981-1982)
Teaching dialog preparation

Talk-In, Kobe, Japan
English Conversation Teacher (1983-1985)
Teaching methodology, teaching dialog preparation

The Korea Times, Seoul, Korea
Copy Editor (1986-1996)
Non-native speaker writing editing, 
including news, editorials, opinion
Appreciation/understanding of Korean
political/cultural developments

Hyundai, Samsung, Kolon, and others, Seoul, Korea
Part-time Business English Teacher (1987-1996)
Understanding of basic business concepts
Development/choice of language materials

Korea Trade Promotion Corporation Academy, Seoul, Korea
English for International Trade (c.1992)
Course development

Soonchunhyang University, Asan, Korea
English Department
Listening, Composition and Conversation (1997-1998)
Course/Materials development

Chinmin Institute of Technology, Toufen, Taiwan
Applied Foreign Languages Department
Composition, Conversation, Business English (1999-2008)
Course/Materials development

National United University, Miaoli, Taiwan
Language Center
Intercultural communication, Pop culture, Media,
Composition, Conversation, Business English (2008-2012)
Course/Materials development


Korea TESOL (1986-1998)
Seoul Chapter President (1992-1996)
Organization of monthly meetings
Informal teacher training development
Preparation of monthly newsletter
Development of teacher meeting procedures (eg concurrent sessions)
During my tenure, meetings tripled in size

Participation in Tom Farrell's PhD Research (1995)
A qualitative study on the reflections of 4 EFL teachers in Korea
Indiana University of Pennsylvania,
Observation/Discussion of my teaching
Participation in Teacher Development Group

Korea TESOL Teacher Development & Education SIG
Co-founder/co-leader (1997-1998)
With Barbara Wright
Development of SIG philosophy
Organization of meetings

Member (1999-2003)
The conferences were theory-oriented, rather than
practice-oriented. It is true there is nothing as practical as
a good theory. But the corollary of this is that there is
nothing as good as a practical theory. I decided to withdraw
and become a competent computer programmer.

Taipei Perl Mongers
Member (2004-to date)
Open-source perl programmers' organization


Language Skills
Japanese, Advanced
Korean, Intermediate
Chinese, Basic

Computer Skills
Perl language, intermediate
Haskell language, basic
Linux system administration
Web programming
Web, mail server administration

Natural Language Processing Certificate
March - May, 2012
Jurafsky and Manning (Stanford)
Grade 84.3

Testing Skills
GRE scores (1992)
Analytical 710 (top 10 percent)
Quantitative 780 (top 7 percent)
Verbal 780 (top 1 percent)
PROFESSIONAL INTERNET ACTIVITY Metaphors in Language Teaching Mailing List (1997-98) Administrator/Founder The list was destroyed by conflict between CLT teachers taking a Lakoff&Johnson line and non-mainstreamers supporting literary theories of metaphor. Chaos & Complexity Theory in SLA Mailing List (1997-to date) (1997-1998) Co-Administrator/Co-Founder (1997-1998) This list continues intermittently under the co-administrator/co-founder, Charles Adamson, in Japan. Taiwan Teachers Mailing List (1999) (1999) Administrator/Founder (1999) The list was destroyed as membership reached 80 after the computer center wiped the mail server's file system. TEACHER-USEFUL PROGRAMMING PROJECTS Taiwan Penpals Site (2000-2001) Computer-aided penpal matching was implemented. After matching, all mail between penpals at Chinmin and their partners in the US, Korea, Australia and Japan was routed through the penpal email address, allowing archiving of messages. Email-Delivered Testing (2002-2003) A pilot project to deliver cooperative learning test questions in a composition class by email and grade them automatically on their return by the students was completed. The project was not pursued. The burden that the e-learning workload places on the teacher of unmotivated learners convinced me to pursue non-email related forms of teacher-useful programming. Cooperative Jigsaw Activity Testing Site (2004) After face-to-face discussion of information owned by each of the individual members, group understanding was tested by completion of an Internet-delivered multiple-choice test. Computerization allowed instantaneous feedback on group performance. Cloze Dictation (2004-2006) Dictation, a low-level, communicative activity for unmotivated learners, was combined with cloze, giving the it motivating, puzzle-like features. Programs were developed to parse arbitrary text and automatically generate arbitrary clozed text configurations. Many different variations have been tried as class, homework and test activities. In particular, pair dictations of dialogue text are being used in exams. Competition Systems (2005-2011) Round-robin and swiss tournament pairing and grading systems. Principled pairing of students for pair activities so each works with a cross-section of the class and with partners of the same level. Cloze Dictation Web Application (2007-to date) The puzzle-like features of my cloze dictation systems were enhanced by translation to the Web via CGI, allowing the students feedback on their answers in real-time. This application proved very popular. The students were able to listen to authentic native-speaker sound files and fill in the blanks in the outline transcriptions. Because students may be able to do this with limited understanding of text meaning, the application's latest feature is comprehension questions to test understanding of the text. Words in the questions are only shown if the player has transcribed them correctly where they appear in the listening passage. Given the choice of answering the questions or filling in the blanks, answering the questions also proved popular. Grading Framework (2008-to date) Teachers usually rely on spreadsheets like Excel to organize and report the grades of their students. This means all the data is in a monolithic, hard-to-access database. My Grades system is distributed with the data in ordinary computer files. (Almost) all the data that students provide, from individual answers on individual exam questions, to number of letters typed correctly into cloze passages in homework, is directly accessible. The Grades system crunches all this data into final grades, but also allows students to access their grade standing via the Web throughout the semester. Question-answering system (2011-to date) My question-answering system allows students to ask questions about stories they have listened to and to get answers to those questions. The grammar is quite limited--no pronouns, passives or perfect/continuous tenses--but relative clauses, WH and YN questions and be-copula constructions ARE parsed. The students have to write grammatical questions, and then the knowledge base provides the answer. I am quite excited about this project. It is not ground-breaking in terms of question answering (see http://en.wikipedia/wiki/Question_answering), but there is immense potential in the area of teaching grammar and conversation in ESL. CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS Korea TESOL National Conference, Fall 1996 Swapshops (with Troy Ottwell, Andrew Todd) First Pan-Asian Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, January 1997 * Swapshops (with Troy Ottwell, Andrew Todd) * Teacher Knowledge Pusan KOTESOL Regional Conference, May 1997 Teaching metaphors PUBLISHED SOFTWARE Games::Tournament::RoundRobin Kwiki::RenamePage Games::Tournament::Swiss Grades NON PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS Korea Times (1986-88) Korean AETK/KOTESOL Newsletter (1988-1997) The English Connection (KOTESOL) (1992-1998) INTERESTS Jogging, 6 kms in 1 hour Pushups, 35 Cycling, Taichung-Toufen, 8 hours, August 2004

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