Frequently Asked Questions

Proofreading Approach

Question: What is your approach to editing?1

Answer: That’s a good question, but giving a good answer is difficult. Let me answer at length at EditingApproach

Acceptable File Formats

Question: As what kind of file should I send my paper to you?2

Answer: I will edit any file in any format I am sent.

That said, I have an OrderOfPreferences


Question: Do you understand my argument? I don’t think I understand it myself. Can you rewrite the paper for me?

Answer: No, I can’t do that. See ReWriting

Using First Language

Question Can you read Chinese, Japanese or Korean? Maybe, l need to use my native languagge to express my meanings sometimes.

Answer: Yes, we can do that. See UsingFirstLanguage

Discipline-specific experience

Question My major research is XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX and YYYYYYY YYYYYYYY. It seems that you did not do the related article for English editing. For example, aaaaaaaaaaa aaaa, bbbb bbbbbbb…

Answer I did edit an article on ZZZZZZZZ a long time ago, and recently I have been editing a cccccccccccc article about the dddddddd ddddddd by someone at UUU University.

But, no, I haven’t ever edited a XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX paper.

But I would like to try. I think I would do a GoodJob.

Me at

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  1. Not actually questions I’ve been asked, but one asked of editors at NCCU

    In Taiwan, NCKU has an internal academic editing service staffed by foreign teachers associated with the university, NDHU also has one.

    Researchers can choose from a list of available teacher/editors the one they wish to edit their manuscript. And the teacher/editors have descriptions of their requirements and their strengths as editors.

    Researchers pay the service which pays the editors. (In Korea, Yonsei U will pay for editing by external commercial services and it maintains a list of services with relationships with the school.)

    Two of the items that I thought were good questions were Proofreading Approach and Acceptable File Formats.

    I wanted to answer those questions myself.↩︎

  2. As for the question, Proofreading Approach, this is not one I have actually been asked. See the footnote to that question.↩︎