I rode a racing bike in Australia, although I never did any racing. I did ride across Australia after dropping out of graduate school.

In Asia, I have only ridden old bikes. In Japan, I rode the bicycle of the boarding house, monopolizing it.

In Korea, I did not ride a bike. It was too dangerous.

In Taiwan, I'm riding a bicycle that was given to us by someone leaving the country. It is an old bicycle, and the seat is too low. But I like it.

I ride it to the local store and to Toufen to go shopping mostly.

I did ride it from Taichung to Toufen, when I moved here in August, 2004. It took 6-8 hours. I had to take a rest on the way in Houlong, because I was getting too sunburned.

I rode to Hsinchu from Toufen once in 2005. The wind was against me on the way and it was strong, so it took a few hours. On the way back, it took only 40 minutes. I flew.

I used to be able to do 20-25 kilometers an hour in Australia.