This incident must have happened when I was about 7-8. One night, my mom and dad let me stay up a bit later than my younger brothers, who were 6 and 3. They went to bed at 8 pm, but I sat up with my mom and dad. I felt very proud of being a big boy.

My dad likes classical music a lot, and I had looked at some books about classical music that he had. I read something about a composer called Schumann.

I started to talk to my parents about Schumann. But I pronounced the word, 'skamen,' rather than 'shuman.' I probably thought that sch should be pronounced as in the word 'school.'

My mom and dad laughed at me. I suddenly lost the feeling that I was grown up. I had mixed feelings about being laughed at. In some ways, I liked them to laugh at me. In other ways, I didn't like them to laugh at me.

I think probably I also had mixed feelings about being grown up. I didn't think being grown up was such a great thing, perhaps.

I think I lost interest in music from that point until I became about 19, when I started getting interested in music again. I wanted to get involved with new music, however. I wanted to find music that was different than the music my father liked and other people liked too.