Plug pulled on Subversion

December 6 during brownout

igithub is conducting its final svn brownout now, with 5 more hours to go.

From sion-brownouts/

A 24 hour period beginning December 5, 2023 at 10:00 UTC / 2:00am Pacific and ending at the same time on December 6

Trying to commit my svn working copy changes to github:

“GitHub has temporarily disabled Subversion support as part of a planned brownout in order to give you advance notice of the upcoming permanent removal of Subversion support on 2024-01-08.

Please see -subversion-support/ for details.”

What to do?

Perhaps the thing to do is to set up a (lot of) local svn repos on the machine I’m on, and make each repo a clone of a github repo.

I can’t do this with

svnrdump dump | svndump load > /var/svn/repos/app

Github was only returning one change set.

Or perhaps I can mirror my github repos on OSDN or sourceforge subversion repos.

Deceber countdown to final curtain

Anyway, this is vendor lock-in but to drive off github in a huff would be to cut off my nose to spite my face.

I’m happy with github as a backend. I just want to use subversion on the command line.

I don’t know how many subversion users are left on github. Probably not many, and probably only solitary hackers. My repos with upstreams I’m using git, too, I think.

January 8 as support pulled

I gave up on getting a useable history dump from github with svnrdump. It’s just producing one revision, the first one in the list. And for the others, ‘svnrdump: E200007: The requested report is unknown.’

They didn’t say what time on January 8, they are going to be pulling support. Presumably, it’s locked and loaded. When they all get in the office on the West Coast? Or 0000 UTC? It’s not yet that time here.

Here’s a script someone put some time into writing:

Earlier stackoverflow note saying the git-svn repo can pull from a remote origin git repo:

January 15 post-support-pull

I wrote a little (120-line) wrapper script to continue using svn with github. cool For some fun at git’s expense, I called it ‘gitwrap_svn’, and committed it with the message, ‘When going git is tough, subversion gets it going,’ at

It copies changes from my old github-checked-out wc to a different wc where it commits them to a svn repo on the local machine and also to a git repo where it pushes them to github. To avoid going down a rabbit hole scripting svn subcommands, I need to do my development in a wc checked out from the local svn repo, and push changes to github with post-commit hooks perhaps.]

January 18

I retired my script to commit changes from parallel svn and git directories to github, finding .svn and .git will play nicely together co-existing in the same dir. I commit with svn to a local svn repo, and a post-commit git hook works very well committing and pushing to github.

My git hook:

I should have tried this earlier, because github’s svn-to-git bridge was never perfect. I was not able to move files within a repo with it.

The explanation at the end of of in-place imports of unversioned directory trees showed me how to ‘clone’ the git repo as a svn project (but without history).

January 20

Actually getting the post-commit hook to do github authentication wasn’t easy.

I had to set and password and credential helper in the post-commit itself. helped with some of the fundamentals of debugging post-commits.

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