Here are some curriculum documents I prepared for a job application.

But first look at some pictures of materials I have used in class.

I'm doing most of my own MaterialsDevelopment

These pictures go with a picture difference activity I did as homework. More info at WorkingWithPictures

I moved on from there to PairDictation and JigSaw activities.

Everything I am now giving to students I am doing on standard-size cards. I use B7 and A7 cards, recycling paper, or using a paper cutter to cut B4, and A4 pieces of paper up.


Whist is a kind of 4-hand card game like bridge, but a whist tournament
is a procedure for matching players, such that each player partners every
other player once and opposes every other player twice.

I tried this out in my conversation classes, doing jigsaw activities, but
the students were unable to carry out conversations in groups of 4 in the
L2. So I put whist tournaments aside, and worked with other tournament

Another variation was to have two teams of two players each competing to
fill in a crossword. Which team could fill in more letters of the grid?
This was more successful, but wasn't really a vehicle for practicing
listening and speaking of text. The students were only using the single
words of the crossword entries.